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2021 / Sabadell Zurich
Signage and design of spaces
Intervention of 4 floors in Torre Barcelona


We think of BS+Z as a world with its own ecosystem. An innovative country, made up of people from different cultures who overlap and add their talents. It is a dynamic place where you will feel safe.

Its inhabitants are friendly and very respectful of the environment. This strategic concept will be the basis for the graphic interventions and the arrangement of the spaces.

Through graphic interventions in the space in two and three dimensions and always with sustainable materials, four different ecosystems were created, one for each floor, valley, forest, river and mountain. In the different graphic interventions, organic shapes and natural elements are enhanced, giving warmth and life through the colours and the selection of materials.

Respectful ecosystems that organise, map, welcome and inspire.

Sustainable ecosystems - Sabadell Zurich
Sustainable signage - Sabadell Zurich
Sustainable solutions - Sabadell Zurich
Ecosystem - Sabadell Zurich


Graphics applied to spaces

All the interventions add up and overlap conceptually, creating an ecosystem of their own. The views of the people who inhabit it are multiple and diverse, so the narratives and solutions are also different.

This project is dynamic, but maintains a great coherence in its globality. Interventions on glass walls, cardboard and wood lattices, 3D installations in cardboard and wood, paper murals, printed wood, pyrography or neon are intermingled. All the solutions are sifted by taking into account the needs expressed by the team and the objectives expressed by the client. All proposals provide answers to sustainability in content and form.


We designed a very well structured system that responds to a clear hierarchy of information. It is easy to identify, recognise and use. A system that combines 3 elements, letters, numbers and pictograms, locates and organizes the spaces on the different floors. As support, a modular system was designed, by means of combinable pieces.

It is an open code, organic, dynamic and produced entirely with 100% sustainable materials.


We are committed to using supports of controlled origin, recyclable and PVC-free. We are committed to using supports of controlled origin, recyclable and PVC-free. We use vinyl adhesives free of PVC, chlorine and phthalates and alternative materials to plastic such as cardboard and wood.

For graphics applied to walls we propose printing on paper printed with ecological ink or on printed or pyro-engraved wood. We also use long-lasting materials such as LED neon.

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Creation of sustainable space - Sabadell Zurich