Recycle + Reuse + Reduce as a design principle

2018 / Teamlabs, Campus for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Signage and design of spaces


Teamlabs has a revolutionary working methodology and the spaces had to be aligned and respond to the needs of this methodology.

To organise the spaces we took inspiration from the Poble Nou neighbourhood and its industrial past. Through emblematic names of the neighbourhood and a visual code of shapes and colours we mapped the new Barcelona headquarters.

Reusing and recycling industrial materials such as scaffolding, metal plates, recycled wood, glued paper and construction mesh helped us to transfer the working class character of the neighbourhood and bring it into the building of a university community with a technological projection in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Recycled wood - Teamblabs University
Recycle + Reuse + Reduce - Teamlabs University
Sustainable creativity - Teamlabs University
Recycle + Reuse + Reduce


In order to organize and simplify the space we had on the one hand a more rational point of view, generating organisation systems that help to understand the space. On the other, more emotional and sensorial interventions. Gestures that inspire, that incite to interact with the space, that awaken creativity. It is organised through the colours magenta, yellow, cyan and black, basic geometric figures associated with their formal meaning and grids.

For the signage we use self-editable glued paper, replacing the traditional directional signage with colloquial phrases and concepts (in English and Spanish) codes that are much closer to the pupils/users.

In the toilets, based on the concept of the messages written on the walls of the toilets, we designed coloured strips with different messages taken from the pupils’ own work. These strips are glued and stuck on the walls creating interesting intersections.


Most of the production of this project has been made with reused, recycled and recyclable materials.

Cardboard boxes become typography, signage elements or decorative mandalas, wooden boards become infographics, coloured threads become interactive communication, magazines become decorative graphics, blackboard paint with a grid becomes a working methodology and metal plates are reused as information supports.

Painted mesh is a multifunctional support in the different spaces and scaffoldings are transformed into work tables.

Rethinking the solutions taking into account the minimum environmental impact from the outset.

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Recycled industrial materials