Space as Storytelling

2021 / Producciones del Barrio
Signage and design of spaces


The television production company led by Jordi Évole and Ramón Lara, Producciones del Barrio, has its own hallmark, the originality of its contents and the differentiation in its approaches, always centred on people and with a very cinematographic aesthetic.

The design project applied to its workspace has been carried out in line with these same premises, unfolding a story where ordinary people are the protagonists with freshness and high doses of creativity.

Sustainable space - Évole TV production company
Sustainable space as storytelling
Storytelling - Évole TV production company
Storytelling as creation of spaces


During the design process, the objectives of organizing the space and respecting the transparency of the architectural morphology were very important, given that the graphics had to be applied mainly on glass walls.

Through the space and from the entrance of Producciones del Barrio offices, a skein is unravelled, which in turn draws the scenes in each of the spaces. The illustration technique simulates a continuum of a single stroke. This technique allowed us to respect the transparency of the space, giving it greater intimacy by changing the focus of the vision.

From the almost Picassian faces that welcome you in different languages, to a young man crossing the space on a bicycle, street artists, trees, plants and some animal are some of the everyday characters that appear in the space.

The black line illustrations in matt opaque ecological vinyl contrast with the large transparent red numbers that organize the space, enriching it with subtle projections of light throughout the day.

The graphics do not look the same from all points of view and are discovered and rediscovered as you walk through the space.

At the entrance, following the cinematographic aesthetic, a light box has been placed, which in the manner of an old cinema billboard, reproduces an extract from Mario Benedetti’s poem “Me gusta la gente”, very much in keeping with the philosophy of the production company.


With the aim of reducing, reusing and recycling we have used PVC-free ecological vinyl, reducing the material to a minimum. We have also opted for reusable and removable solutions such as light boxes, extending their useful life by changing the message and even the location as many times as you want.

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Sustainable space - Producciones del barrio